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For the very best social media marketing in Essex, look no further than SEO & Web. We are a fresh-thinking digital marketing agency with a difference, offering each and every client best in class social media techniques.


Regardless of whether your business wants to increase and improve its presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, or another network, we have the experience and expertise to help you reap social media’s rich rewards.


By working alongside SEO & Web, you will also benefit from our expanding knowledge base. We have a team of specialists who are passionate about all things social media. They keep on top of the latest trends so that your brand always stays one step ahead of the competition.


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Social Media for Essex

Social media marketing used to be an afterthought for several businesses, as greater precedence was given to alternative techniques such as SEO and PPC. But because it is one of the best ways to attract audience attention and engage with customers, social media marketing is now top priority.


While getting started with social media marketing might seem easy, there are a number of things you’ll have to carefully consider. For example, which social network is best suited to your business? And what sort of content should you be posting?

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The list of requirements for successful social media marketing don’t end there. You also need to know when is the best time to post content and how to deal with negative comments. Striking such a delicate balance can often make or break your online marketing efforts.


This is where the seasoned abilities of a specialist social media marketing agency are invaluable. With in-depth insight and experience about what it takes to succeed on social media, a marketing agency can ensure that your brand connects with customers in the right place, at the right time.


Here at SEO & Web, we’ll identify the most suitable channels, create high-quality content, enhance audience engagement, and ensure all social media activity is aligned with your goals.

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The social media networks where you generally see the most meaningful marketing results are:

  • Facebook – A place where people go to see what their friends are up to, look at viral content, and keep up-to-date with brands. This informal environment calls for a light, friendly, and conversational tone. The ability to like, share, and comment means that Facebook activity should also encourage your audience to interact with posts.
  • Twitter – The quick-fire nature of Twitter is a little more difficult to master. However, if you tweet about new products and special offers as well as brand-building content, you should see favourable results. Liking and retweeting positive comments is essential, but you should also respond to criticism in a professional manner.
  • Instagram – Typically used by a younger audience, Instagram is the channel where you can let your imagination run wild with creative visual content. With Instagram Stories, which disappear after 24 hours, you can be a little more casual with your posts. The correct use of hashtags can make your posts go further too.
  • LinkedIn – Known as the social network for professionals, LinkedIn requires a more corporate tone of voice and is a great option for B2B organisations. LinkedIn also offers you the opportunity to be an authoritative figure or thought leader in your industry with well-written, insightful content.
  • YouTube – Not only an important social network, YouTube is also the second largest search engine in the world. For this reason, it pays to create video content that relates to your brand and its products or services. Video is quickly establishing itself as the most influential content marketing medium.
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