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To beat your online competition with SEO, Southend-based businesses should look no further than SEO & Web, a fresh-thinking digital marketing agency in Essex.

We specialise in natural and organic marketing methods, which not only enable your web presence to rise above the rest, but also help meet key business objectives.

Our seasoned staff, hands-on experience, and in-depth knowledge of the industry sets us apart from other digital marketing agencies. SEO & Web is always looking to capitalise on cutting-edge techniques and the latest trends too, ensuring your online activity never gets stale.

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How we implement and execute SEO

In order for SEO to be a success, it requires a great deal of planning and proficiency. Not only is SEO quite an intricate marketing method, the nature of search engine algorithms is constantly changing, which means keeping a close eye on the latest best practice.

Thankfully, this is all in a day’s work at SEO & Web. We carefully study how search engines work and look at the intent behind certain keywords. We also take the time to understand audience demographics, which helps with targeting your customers.

SEO for Southend

  • Comprehensive site audit – Just like any other audit, this will assess and examine what the current state of play is. We’ll look at your site’s structure, backlinks, and optimisation to make informed SEO decisions.
  • Advanced keyword research – If you want your website to appear in front of appropriate audiences, you need to identify the right keywords. Our consultants go one step further with strategic placement for added impact.
  • Competitor and market analysis – In addition to analysing your own site, we’ll also see what your competitors are doing and find out where the market is. Yet again, this is an essential part of our SEO activity and investment choices.

Southend’s number 1 SEO Agency

Originally consisting of a few fisherman’s huts and farms, Southend soon grew into a seaside resort and still boasts the longest leisure pier in the world.

After the 1960s, the town centre was developed for commerce and retail, which remain major industries in Southend. However, industrial parks also play host to a vast array of other sectors including manufacturing and technology.

Around a fifth of the working population commute to London on a daily basis. Due to this close proximity to the capital, several businesses also find themselves in competition with London rivals, which is where marketing methods like SEO can offer an invaluable edge.

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Putting the customer first

SEO & Web is committed to providing a first class service, working above and beyond to ensure your business objectives are met.

Our consultants specialise in SEO as well as paid search, social media, digital PR, web design and development, and content marketing. They are on hand to tackle any digital marketing challenge, no matter how big or small.

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