PPC Agency London

PPC Agency London

Online marketing activities such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Optimisation (SMO) continue to gain momentum, but you might regret overlooking the potential of Pay Per Click (PPC).

At SEO & Web, we have a great deal of experience in delivering effective and successful Pay Per Click advertising campaigns. By identifying and analysing your online objectives and target audience, we can carefully piece together a tailor-made strategy.

Owing to the fact that nearly 80 per cent of users never scroll past the first page of search results, achieving a high ranking on Google, Bing or Yahoo is imperative.

Therefore, any business simply must attract the attention of individuals searching for keywords or phrases relating to their line of work.

PPC Campaigns

Thankfully, this can be achieved with PPC, as we have proved time and time again here at SEO & Web. Our full list of services cover:

PPC health check of current campaigns
PPC creation, implementation, management, testing and optimisation
Audits for keywords, terms and phrases
Adwords and Adcopy creation
Keyword mining
Bid optimisation
Local and international PPC
Native and display advertising
Click and Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) analysis
Equity weighting

Marketing Power Of PPC

As with any aspect of online marketing, competition in the ever-changing world of PPC is fierce. Even if you have targeted a specific keyword or term, it might not appear due to your rivals gaining an upper hand with bigger budgets. What’s more, some users are reluctant to click on paid-for advertisements and prefer looking at organic results instead.


But at SEO & Web, our main priority with any client’s PPC footprint is attracting a high volume of targeted visitors and converting this traffic at the best price.


With prospective customers and potential revenue at stake, your company deserves a coherent PPC strategy that can deliver defined goals and enhance online visibility.


Improve PPC Campaigns

From narrowing down keywords for better targeting to making advertisements more visually appealing and attractive, there are a number of ways in which we can notably improve PPC campaigns. SEO & Web prides itself on innovative thinking and original ideas, as stealing a march on competitors is not only significant for us, it is of the upmost importance to you too.


Another way we are able to provide effective and advantageous PPC results is by identifying the latest online trends. Scores of Internet users are searching for goods or services via new platforms and different devices, which requires adaptable and cutting edge solutions.


But the rise of smartphones and tablets has not gone unnoticed by the team at SEO & Web and we are continually looking to alter our client’s PPC campaigns accordingly. Seeing as we also produce mobile optimised websites, there isn’t a company better placed to provide progressive PPC strategies.


So with the ability to conduct extensive keyword research, track consumer behaviour and monitor campaign effectiveness, we are perfectly placed to deliver successful PPC strategies.

What to expect from SEO & Web

Choose SEO & Web as your PPC agency and we’ll deliver the following:

  • Keyword Generation – Along with identifying the keywords your audience is searching for, we’ll also group and manage them.
  • Targeting – Our experienced consultants will help you target your campaign so PPC adverts are seen and heard in the right places.
  • Optimisation – We’ve built a comprehensive optimisation system that allows us to influence bids at keyword level.
  • Research – We’ll research your competitions, pinpoint where your business is positioned in comparison, and increase your market share.

Whether you choose to use PPC exclusively or alongside complimentary marketing techniques, SEO & Web can help any size of business regardless of budget or industry.

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