PPC Agency Essex

PPC Agency Essex

SEO & Web is the leading PPC agency in Essex. We help businesses establish a stronger presence on search engines and ensure they stay there.

Not only does Pay-Per-Click advertising get your name seen and heard before any other result, it is also extremely cost effective. You’ll only pay for the ad when someone actually clicks on it.

This is why we believe that PPC is better than more traditional forms of advertising. It appears at the top of search results, has some great targeting options, and can noticeably improve conversion rates.

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Reasons for working with a PPC agency Essex

PPC can have a positive and profitable impact on any business. Failing to capitalise on its rich rewards will only result in less traffic and revenue.

But in order to make the most of this form of advertising, the experience and expertise of a PPC agency is almost always required.

Here’s what you can expect to benefit from when working alongside a PPC agency like Essex-based SEO & Web.

Quick entry – Even if you’ve never utilised PPC before, you can still catch-up to competitors in an instant. As opposed to SEO, which takes time to establish a strong results page presence, PPC offers an extremely quick entry. Our PPC specialists can get you up and running in no time.

PPC Tracking

Marketing integration – When supported and supplemented by other marketing methods like SEO and content creation, PPC can drive even more meaningful results. For example, it may advise SEO efforts or improve the ROI on your content investment, which we can also offer assistance with.

Measuring and tracking – PPC advertising is very easy to measure and track, helping you keep on top of important metrics like impressions, clicks, and conversions. We’ll crunch the numbers for you to see how your campaigns are performing and what kind of traffic they attract.

Targeting options – With PPC, you can adopt a multi-layered approach to test and ensure full coverage across all networks and targeting types. From targeting keywords through test ads to prioritising certain audience demographics on the display networks, the options we can explore are abundant.


PPC Marketing Goals

Data-driven insights – The information available in Google AdWords goes beyond PPC performance. Its built-in keyword planner can find where your audience is, while third-party tools allow you to cross-reference where your competition is. We’ll spread the net far and wide to better inform your PPC campaigns.

Complete control – The keywords and placements you choose to target along with the ability to scale your budget up or down means that you’ll always be in control with PPC advertising. We use this to our advantage by editing and optimising ads while they are running to ensure the best performance possible.

Meet your goals – Arguably the most compelling reason to use PPC is that it can contribute to your business goals. It doesn’t matter whether you want to achieve high-level brand exposure, be seen as a thought leader, or point consumers towards an e-commerce sale, we can use PPC to meet your objectives.

What to expect from SEO & WEB

Choose SEO & Web as your PPC agency in Essex and we’ll deliver the following:

  • Keyword Generation – Along with identifying the keywords your audience is searching for, we’ll also group and manage them.
  • Targeting – Our experienced consultants will help you target your campaign so PPC adverts are seen and heard in the right places.
  • Optimisation – We’ve built a comprehensive optimisation system that allows us to influence bids at keyword level.
  • Research – We’ll research your competitions, pinpoint where your business is positioned in comparison, and increase your market share.

In addition to PPC, we can also help you out with SEO, social media, digital PR, web design, and content marketing.

Our ethos starts with the provision of strategically effective, honest marketing advice to you. We always work side-by-side with our customers for the best results possible.

For more about PPC or other digital marketing tactics, contact SEO & Web today.

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