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Are you looking for an easier and more effective way to manage your website’s content? Do you want the ability to upload, edit or delete pages even though you don’t have much technical knowhow? If so, Essex-based SEO & Web can help out.

We have the expertise to build a simple and straightforward Content Management System (CMS) for your website that all members of staff will be able to use. Nobody needs to have an in-depth understanding of things like HTML, while changes can be made from any normal browser in any location.

The problem a lot of businesses face is that they need to get in contact with their web designer to update or adjust content. In today’s rapidly expanding online world, where content needs to kept as up to date as possible on a daily basis, this can be incredibly time consuming and extremely frustrating.

Importance of having a Good CMS

On top of that, visitors to your site won’t appreciate seeing old information, while search engines will probably penalise you for not updating content enough. As a result, your word-of-mouth reputation and online exposure will suffer from an unrecoverable slide.


But with a CMS, you are given complete control over your site’s content, even if you have no prior knowledge of HTML or web design. The time required to publish a new product page or blog post will be significantly reduced, enabling you to get content online much faster.

Content Management System Advantages

The advantages of a CMS don’t end there either. Say for example you are running low on stock for a certain item but receive an influx of sales, without a CMS you might have to disappoint customers when it comes to fulfilling their orders.


Then again, you might need to react to some breaking industry news that your audience is talking about on social media. With a CMS, you can quickly publish some content about the subject and demonstrate to customers that your business has its finger on the pulse.

CMS With SEO & Web

A better position

One of the biggest advantages to having a CMS is that it brings down the cost of running and maintaining your website. Instead of relying on the expertise of a web developer, content can be managed in-house by any employee.

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