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Would you like to update your company’s overall image? Has your organisation undergone a commercial change, requiring a new logo? Or does your company need a complete branding overhaul? All your branding and design dilemmas can be solved be Essex-based SEO & Web.

When we are tasked with the design of a website, our developers pay close attention to the client’s branding and company culture. But sometimes, a different look or feel is required, which SEO & Web is more than happy to help out with too.

With our branding and design services, we attempt to communicate your purpose or proposition to customers in the most effective way possible. From choosing the right colour palette to picking the right font, SEO & Web knows what works and what doesn’t.

Importance of Good Design

Branding isn’t exclusively concerned with company colours and a recognisable logo; it embodies the entire personality of a business. From the tone of voice you use when communicating with customers to the identity you portray via marketing materials, brand identity encompasses everything you create.


In order to connect with customers and build meaningful relationships, you must possess the ability to appeal to your audience’s hearts as well as their heads. Therefore, branding and design needs to adhere to the aesthetic desires of your target market but also mean something too. In its purest form, branding must combine style with substance.

Your Brand Values

Trying to define or even redefine your company’s brand values, perception, and personality is no mean feat. However, you would be surprised at how effectively branding can do this. When customers see a logo that exudes professionalism, they will automatically hold the brand in high esteem. Likewise, if a company’s logo doesn’t send out the right image or vibe, customers won’t give it a second chance.


Then you have got company colours to think about. Vibrant tones will catch the audience’s eye and make them stand to attention, but this might not be appropriate for a serious or formal organisation. Then again, subtle and understated shades might not do enough to put your company in the limelight against a backdrop of similar competitors.

Design with SEO & Web

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We will listen carefully to your own wants and needs to deliver branding and design that helps you connect with customers, stakeholders, and employees.

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